Zoom sur : “2014: International Year of Family Farming”: Gimmick or precedent to change current production models?

Last November, The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming. While many leaders and institutions strove for 12 months to put family farming at the forefront of agricultural policies and and to increase public awareness through events around the world, many environmental activists and international solidarity organizations are skeptical about the real added value of this temporary spotlight. So is it a gimmick or a precedent to change current production models? Here is a look at one of the key SOLIDARITÉ themes currently prey to many threats...   Family farming is not a new developmentalist trend or the whim of a... (Suite)

Zoom sur : International mobilisation conferenceon the Right to Land and Livelihood

In a world of contrasts – growing interdependence side by side with growing inequalities between and within countries – this Conference seeks to explore the ways that non- violent grassroots mobilization is defending rights, promoting social justice and providing a viable route to sustainable development. The Conference objectives are to:     * examine research and policy as well as evidence from activists on the impact of economic globalization processes, particularly in rural areas of developing and transition countries;     * support and develop peace-building initiatives and strategies for non-violent social, economic and political... (Suite)

Zoom sur : A world without languageS ?

«We don’t live in a country, we live in a language» E. M. Cioran UNESCO, Atlas of the World's Languages in danger (2011) Today, half of the world 6900 spoken languages are endangered; which means only spoken by parents or grand-parents of a household, without passing down to the next generations. Here is the sad assessment of the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in danger published in 2010, which lists the vitality of spoken languages in the world regarding nine indicators (of which the absolute number of speakers or the material availability of learning and education). At the hands of this critical situation, the international day of mother tongue, on the 21st... (Suite)